5th Annual ICWOA & NWOA "Excellent to Elite" Conference


NCAA Rules Clinic

October 9-11, 2020

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tulsa, OK


ICWOA Registration can be completed at any time throughout the membership year; however, you are encouraged to meet your registration obligations as early as possible to be considered for events assigned by the Assignor of events.

Please visit the Join Us page to register as a member of the ICWOA.


It is the intent of the association to meet with the general membership annually. The annual meeting may be held in conjunction with clinics, special sessions, events where a large portion of the general membership is expected to attend or by itself as a standalone event.

Telephonic and web-based meetings may also be scheduled on an as-needed basis. All meetings will be advertised on the Meetings page.


The ICWOA is committed to improving the quality and consistency of officiating at all levels of collegiate wrestling. Clinics hosted by the ICWOA are intended to be open for anyone who would like to improve their officiating knowledge and/or skills and may be held for the general membership of the association or for a smaller group by special request. ICWOA clinics intended for the general membership will be advertised on the Meetings page.


Any official who intends to participate as an event referee in any level of NCAA wrestling must meet all wresting official’s registration requirements set by the NCAA. Registration with the NCAA can be completed by visiting the NCAA Wrestling Officiating Home Page. The NCAA Exam can by completed by visiting NCAA Wrestling Officiating Test Page.


Executive Director - Dan Lang
President - Keith Poolman
Past President - Pete Mankowich
Vice President - Alberto Rodriguez
Secretary - Clark Conover
Treasurer - Jeron Quincy
Assignments - Kenny Ritchie
At Large - Frank Pavich
At Large - Rick Fink


The annual dues will be $70 if paid before September 1, 2020.   This includes each member's fee for the NWOA and the ICWOA. $10 late fee will be assessed to all existing ICWOA officials if their annual dues are paid after Sept. 1, 2020.

To pay your dues through our PayPal Payment Page, simply click the button below.

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