The ICWOA welcomes all wrestling referees no matter where they may be located or what level of wrestling officiating they are currently participating at. We also encourage coaches and administrators who wish to learn more about wrestling and join us in our goal and mission.

Our goal is simple:

Recruit new wrestling referees and maintain the active status of current collegiate wrestling referees. Ideally we will see a steady growth of not only the ICWOA, but of collegiate wrestling referees every year.

Our mission is focused:

Improve the consistency and overall quality of our membership via education, mentoring, feedback and development:

Education is provided in a variety of ways (conference calls, e-mails, website postings, evaluations and live clinics to name a few) and we expect each member to actively participate in these opportunities throughout the year.

Mentoring takes place continuously through observation and immediate feedback at events where ICWOA members, evaluators and leadership are present. We are also in the process of developing a web-based evaluation process that will be an excellent tool for reaching referees who primarily work smaller events or may not have an opportunity for an in person evaluation.

We are committed to providing feedback through open discussion with and between our members via phone or in person at scheduled events. We welcome constructive feedback from coaches, administrators and evaluators that is given through the channels provided within the ICWOA (liaisons and online forms).

All of these contribute to the development of our members individually and the ICWOA as a whole. We have appointed qualified individuals in the following positions to ensure the fulfillment of our commitment: Coaches Liaison; Conferences and Affiliate Association Liaison; Assignor; Area Directors and an NCAA liaison. The individuals placed in these positions ensure feedback is communicated to our members on a regular basisA basic qualification of every ICWOA member is their commitment to the growth of wrestling through excellence in officiating. Every member is responsible for consistently providing high quality officiating for the athletes and coaches who depend on them and the ICWOA. Additionally, each member should continuously be looking for opportunities to recruit, mentor and educate wrestling officials via the tools provided by the ICWOA.We believe our commitment to excellence creates an atmosphere where wrestling referees can develop and grow at a pace they are comfortable with. Please join us today to develop and share your strengths with our association.

And, of course, we're always in need of new officials. To apply, simply follow the steps noted in the sidebar of this page ... We’ll be back in contact with you as soon as possible.

Pete Mankowich
President - ICWOA


Joining the ICWOA is a simple two-step process. Send us your basic information and pay your ICWOA dues for this season. Both steps are included below.